Dennison, Linda Anne

Linda Anne Dennison was born June 2, 1948 to Velmore and Thomas Dennison of Souris, Manitoba. She attended Souris School and graduated with honours from the School of Social Work, University of Manitoba. She passed away May 21, 2018.  A graveside service was held July 29, 2022 at the Souris-Glenwood Cemetery.

As a little girl, I remember her coming to our Breezelawn Community Hall with her folks. She was shy, but had a winsome smile and twinkle in her eye, as her dad played banjo in the band. As an adult, she was devoted to caring for her parents. Although she worked hard to acquire a degree, of which she was proud, as were they, due to their ill health, and her own, she was not able to work at Child and Family Services as long as she would have wished. She was an interesting woman to visit and very well versed in many things. We enjoyed a woman’s Retreat together, which was memorable. Although fancy clothes weren’t her main interest-she shone when she donned a new “Weekender” outfit. We enjoyed having her in our U.C.W. group when she was well enough, and able to come. She loved her home, and the many flowers that she planted around the house ..Linda was content with simple things.

Although her later life included many trips to the hospital, she accepted her illness with grace and patience. May she “soar” with the angels, and reconnect with her family.”Rest in Peace”. You are in our hearts, and our caring.

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