Krasnesky, Frances Maria

Frances Maria Krasnesky – When Frances came to us she was a firecracker and has been ever since. There was something about this little lady that tugged at our heartstrings… she came to a strange place to live with people she didn’t know. She seemed to be so alone in the world it compelled us to take her under our wing and become her family. We quickly grew to love this quirky, loud, funny, exasperating lady.

Frances was never shy about showing or telling you how she felt, her exuberant greeting when she first caught sight of you walking down the hall was sure to make your day I can still hear her calling out the name of someone she was especially excited to see. As much as Frances loved her peeps her love for hand lotion, hankies, aprons, watches and anything sparkly the caught her eye was a close second followed closely by her love looking over and over at the Avon book.

Frances liked having her finger nails painted a bright red that matched her personality and the big sparkly rings she insisted on wearing daily along with her watch and a bracelet and a necklace.

Frances was also very interested in what went on around her and if you needed to find someone all you had to do was ask Frances and she could tell you where they were. She loved to talk to people that were coming to visit others and most everyone was happy to stop and chat to her for a few minutes and make her day.

Frances enjoyed the visits from our animal friends and was always game to hold a puppy, kitten and even a skunk on one occasion.

Frances loved her birthdays and Christmas her excitement on these occasions was unparalleled, so much so we had to refrain from mentioning them until that day or even celebrating her birthday early because she just could not contain her excitement.

Frances loved her companions Barb and Debbie and her special friends the other Debbie and Karen, she loved the staff that were so kind to and understanding of this complex lady. The two Debbie’s’ were very happy to have had the chance to attend the Christmas supper with her and spend that time with her not knowing of course that she was to leave us so soon after, we all would have loved to have celebrated one last Christmas with our dear friend. We wish we could have said goodbye at the end but are comforted in the knowledge that Frances did not suffer and her passing was peaceful and dignified. We will always remember you sweet lady rest in peace xoxo Frances was born May 25, 1937 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was predeceased by her parents Joseph and Teena Krasnesky, Frances was also predeceased by all her siblings: Jim, George, Olga, Connie, Grace, Jean and Joseph. Funeral service was held at Kowalchuk’s Funeral Home, Souris, Manitoba with Rev. Don Oddie officiating. Private interment in the Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba. In memory of Frances, donations may be made to the Souris Personal Care Home c/o Prairie Mountain Health Box 10 Souris, Manitoba R0K 2C0.

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  1. Hello
    I miss seeing Frances, on my way to see my Mom. She had lots of interesting things on her little table, in the hallway. She would always be interested in where I was taking my Mom, in her wheel chair. We would get a bit of a chuckle . She was very fortunate, to have lovely caregivers, while she was at Souris P.C. Very sorry for her loss.
    Sincerely Marilyn (Janz) Forsyth

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