Watamaniuk, Andrew William

August 13, 1940 – June 13, 2024

Andrew Watamaniuk lived a good long life. He spent the majority of his life living on the land farming and growing a large garden that fed himself and whoever else between Souris and Gladstone needed potatoes. Andy would often say life was simple. Take care of the land and it will take care of you. Andy loved adventures. He often would drive several miles to see neighbours and friends despite never actually owning a driver’s license. One day that became apparent to police and he was instructed not to drive anymore. Andy decided no problem, he would simply drive his tractor to town instead of the car and go for a tour and grab some groceries and maybe check for mail.

Sadly Andy had a stroke later in life that required him to move from his farm into long term care at the personal care home in Souris. Andy always had a smile for the nurses and he enjoyed joking around with them.  He always enthusiastically looked forward to visits from his son Carl McIntosh. These visits often required a trip south of the border to grab a beer and a burger at some of the old watering holes and a bit of harmless flirting with a few waitresses. You will be sadly missed by friends and family.

Andy is survived by his loving son Carl McIntosh and daughter in law Katherine McIntosh.

 The sun is shining. The wind is blowing.                                                                                 The crops are planted.                                                                                                         Godspeed.                                                                                                                                   You can rest well now Andy.

8 thoughts on “Watamaniuk, Andrew William”

  1. Andy was a great guy, always had time to chat. When he was in the PCH he always had treats he wanted to give to anyone that came in to say hi!

  2. Sorry to hear of Andy passing. He and my brother David Denbow often had many adventures.

  3. Sorry to hear of Andy’s passing. He was a good neighbor. Whenever he came to visit he always brought garden produce or perogies. I’ll miss visiting him when he was in personal care.

  4. Sorry to hear of Andy’s passing…I always enjoyed our chats as he was my Moms Neighbor in the Personal Care Home.

  5. Andy will be missed. He was a very kind man and took great care of his Mother for many years. Andy lived adventure and was a good friend.

  6. They don’t make them like Andy anymore.
    A true individual and dedicated son. RIP.

  7. Andy was a one of a kind guy a true beauty of a human being. Rest well Andy

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